Aluminum Drip Edge Series
SPEC and Feature

  • Length: 2.5m
  • Aluminum Water Drip (25002M) for painting walls, 6mm Aluminum Water Drip (25061M) and 9mm Aluminum Water Drip (25091M) for sip-stone walls and grinding-stone walls, and 9mm Aluminum Wide Water Drip (37091M) for stone walls.
  • A full range of inner/outer elbows, connectors, and heads are available.
  • Symmetry al-alloy appearance, easy to cut and construct, and various color options.
  • Exclusive design of embedded baseline for easy-construction, aesthetic and practice.
  • Exclusive design of inverted-V groove to avoid backward flow and keep clean of walls.
  • The products are patented (Patents: M474047 and M474048). Pirating and counterfeiting are not allowed.
  • NEWS: Aluminum Water Drip Series won the national invention patent I495775!
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Options of Color

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