Aluminum Drip Edge – L
SPEC and Feature

  • Length: 2.5m.
  • A full range of inner/outer elbows, connectors, and heads are available.
  • Exclusive design of inverted-V groove to avoid backward flow and keep clean of walls.
  • The L-sharp drip edge is designed for larger and higher walls to avoid the pollution by top-down draining water.
  • The L-sharp drip edge can also be installed on an eave, the bottom of balcony, and the bottom of all bulge parts of building to avoid backward rain flow and keep clean of walls. Please refer to Construction Illustration (1).
  • The product are compatible to sip-stone, grinding-stone or painting walls. It also can be applied to a demarcation between different surface materials.
  • The L-sharp drip edge can be construct on lighting covers to avoid water leakage. Please refer to Construction Illustration (2).
  • The products are patented (Patents: M474047 and M474048). Pirating and counterfeiting are not allowed.
  • NEWS: Aluminum Water Drip Series won the national invention patent I495775!
  • Please do NOT clean the products with cleaners contained high-percentage hydrochloric acid. Cement and hydrochloric acid should be cleaned soon to avoid erosion of product surfaces.
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Options of Color

Pictures of application

Claaification of Drip edges on the Market by Construction Method:

Defect of Post-Installation

■Waterproof Breaking

The post-installation drip edges should be constructed after surface materials of wall. The construction may break original waterproof layer since the post-installation drips edge should be fixed by nails after drilling holes on the wall.

■Silicone Caulking

The silicone should be caulked in the gap between metal and wall for waterproof of the post=installation drip edges. The silicone,however,will be embrittled by UV so that the waterproof will be broken.

■High Cost

Constructing post-installation drip edges requireshigh cost since the complex constructions,such as aloft works,should be operated by professional technicians and machinery.

R&D has developed both of pre-installation and post-installation drip edges. The post-installation drip edge is dropped caused by the above issues. R&D provides the best solution only.

Advantages of R&D Drip edge

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■Full Accessory

The elbows,heads,and connectors create high-quality and aesthetic waterproof.

■Easy Construction

The embedded baseline,holes of connecting piece,and the grooves for adhesives lead easy construction and solid quality.

■Excellent Performance

The draining slope drains water smoothly,and the inverted-V groove avoids backward flow effectively.